What is an ideal way to carry out Exchange EDB to PST Conversion?

 Extracting data from corrupt Exchange mailboxes while keeping the source files intact and without compromising even a bit on data integrity is indeed a daunting task. Hence, IT administrators are often found hunting for modern techniques, tools & software to carry out hassle-free conversion of EDB to PST while ensuring impeccable recovery of Exchange mailboxes.


The dire need for converting EDB files into PST format is evident from the fact that once your Exchange database gets damaged or corrupted, no user can access the important information stored in it. The only way to recover this damaged information is to repair the corrupt database by converting it into Outlook PST format. Besides this, several times users delete mailbox items by mistake or the IT administrator himself removes mailboxes of ex-employees in order to save them to another location. Hence, to ensure complete recovery & efficient repair of Exchange database, one needs to adopt creative ways to convert inaccessible EDB files into Outlook PST format.

How to Convert EDB to PST – Which is the best way of EDB to PST Conversion?

In situations of Exchange mailbox disasters including any kind of corruption issues, severe damages done to email items etc., it is likely that your Exchange server halts and stops functioning in the way as desired by you. As a consequence of this, the server in turn fails to recognize the corrupt database and mailbox items become inaccessible to users. Whenever anyone tries to access mailbox data that is being damaged, there are several error messages that start popping up on your screen.

Though there are many ways to perform EDB to PST conversion including Exmerge utility (with export data limits range starting from 2GB), Exchange Management Shell cmdlets (‘Export-Mailbox’ and ‘Import Mailbox’ for all types of data exportation) etc.; one of the most ideal ways of Exchange mailbox recovery recommended by us is to use third party EDB to PST Converter software so that all the limitations or restrictions imposed by inbuilt Microsoft utilities can be won over with the utility.

Below are some of the reasons as to how using EDB to PST Converter Software can prove fruitful in performing Exchange Mailbox Recovery.

  1. EDB to PST Conversion software is easy to use & absolutely reliable to perform complete recovery of database or even the particular mailbox items that you wish to extract data from.
  2. With the software, users can generally carry out EDB to PST conversion in both the modes – offline and online. Opting for the Online mode allows users to save exported EDB files to EML/MSG or PST formats while also giving you the option to decide to ‘Connect to a single mailbox’ or ‘Connect to all mailboxes on server’.
  3. Users are given complete privilege to extract data from EDB files without imposing any limitation on mailbox size. The exported or extracted data can be saved to a new PST file or an existing PST file.
  4. One can easily repair mailbox items that have been deleted by mistake, damaged or corrupted.
  5. The software also offers high compatibility with myriad of platforms including Outlook, Exchange and Windows.
  6. Not just one, multiple EDB files can be simultaneously converted into PST format.
  7. Selective Email Conversion is possible where users have the option to choose the entire mailbox or only selected items that they wish to recover or repair.
  8. Advanced filtration options allows users to export data from EDB files on the basis of specific criteria like Folder, Subject, Date Range and Sender etc.
  9. One can preview the extracted data from mailboxes before proceeding towards saving it into PST formats.
  10. Users can restore accidently deleted Offline EDB mailboxes if they’re lying within the mailbox retention duration.

Now, many of you might be wondering whether it is actually possible to get all the above features in a single EDB to PST conversion software. Fortunately, the answer is - yes, you can enjoy the benefit of all these exclusive features and perform efficient EDB to PST recovery with utmost ease and 100% accuracy by using Exchange Recovery Manager – an excellent tool to convert edb to pst file format.

One of the best things that clients never stop admiring about this software is that you can download the demo before purchasing the software and test its functionalities for a considerable period of time, till the trial period expires. If the result satisfies you fully and you wish to continue using EDB to PST conversion, you can contact our sales team to buy the fully featured license.